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You don't have to compromise

beauty to Pay It Forward

Erika Bee strives to bring positive,

low-impact, life changing beauty into the world.

We believe an integral part of being a sustainable company

is supporting practices and causes you believe in

by being better citizens in our local community,

ambassadors for our industry, and guardians for our globe.

In addition to contributing a portion of all proceeds earned

to a variety of local and national initiatives and organizations

we are also constantly inspired by others who astound

with their efforts to make our world a much better place

and join these amazing people and organizations to help their causes.

Together we can affect change and add more radiance to our world.

A sampling of organizations we've had the honor to work with are:

Green America, National

Film Biz Recycling, NYC, NY

Born Free USA, Los Angeles, CA

SOL Inspirations, Twin Cities, MN

Goodwill / Easter Seals, St. Paul, MN

CAL Safe Paramount, Los Angeles, CA

Urban Truth Fashion Agency, St. Paul, MN

League of Young Voters Ed. Fund, NYC, NY

The Young Survival Coalition, Twin Cities, MN

Saint Paul Neighborhood Network, St. Paul, MN

City of Lakes AmeriCorps, Minneapolis, MN

Continuum Center, Minneapolis, MN

MNFashion, Twin Cities, MN

Working Assets, National

Erika Bee

Bespoke ECOethical Jewelry

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