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The Green America Business Seal of Approval designates that our business,

using the following sustainable business practices, has successfully completed Green Americas screening process

and continues to meet the current screening requirements.

Every jewelry piece is constructed from materials: locally sourced, artisan made, repurposed/upcycled,

made in the US, organic, employ fair labor a/o fair trade principles.

We use 100% recycled ethical precious metals made in the United States.

These metals are ethically sourced meaning the mill that our vendor buys wire from never mines for its silver,

it is either bought as scrap metal or bought from other eco-friendly refineries.

Erika Bee is committed to supporting, using and promoting

companies, artists and organizations that understand the balance of people, planet and profit.

All paper products used - from business cards to gift boxes - are 100% post consumer waste recycled

paper and are printed with soy based and natural dye inks.

The cardboard boxes in which our gifts are shipped are saved and reused or recycled.

Erika Bee is powered by 100% renewable energy - sun, wind, water geothermal & biomass power -

purchased from LADWP's Green Power Program.

We use Working Assets services, a company which supports peace, equality,

human rights and the environment by donating a portion of their charges to these causes.

We use Energy Star compact florescent light bulbs to illuminate our studio. They

use 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.

We use Dr. Bronners brand cleaning products to clean jewelry and our studio.

No evil ingredients are used and all products are 100% certified organic and fair trade.

We vermi (worm) compost office and event perishables diverting waste from the landfill daily.

Want to make your eco-footprint smaller?


Erika Bee

Bespoke ECOethical Jewelry

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