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Photography by Amanda Vanvels

DESIGNER Erika Bee was proudly born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. A self-taught artist, community organizer & educator, Erika began creating jewelry & organizing earth clubs as early as age six.

"I am a social entrepreneur ~ using media art, photography and ecojewelry as my mediums of expression and economic reform. I am honored to say that I have found a way to make my passions my work. Community and social responsibility are at the heart of my art business. A portion of all proceeds earned, are contributed to a variety of local and national initiatives and organizations. Instead of investing in corporate America invest in community, and invest in my designs."

STORY In 2006 Erika set out to develop a unqiue, limited edition collection of vintage fashion-inspired jewelry with an emphasis on ipseity, craftsmanship, and affordability. Each piece is created organically, without sketching, and the materials, collected from around the globe, all have a unique story to tell. Influenced by international travels, the study of cultural art, and the desire to create a more sustainable and beautiful world, each work is a reflection of Erika's passion to empower, educate, and bring color to people's lives.

MISSION Revolutionize the social & ecological impact of the fashion industry one eco piece at a time. Why? The jewelry industry is one of the most toxic industries. It has a tarnished history of exploiting, displacing, & polluting communities all over the world.

CORE BELIEFS We believe in making a style statement by creating one-of-a-kind / limited edition collections. We believe in buying our components from local, fair trade independent, and green vendors. We believe our products are of good value and that we should make a profit.

Erika Bee

Bespoke ECOethical Jewelry

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